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Living Food Lab

Experiments in conscious eating

Living Food Lab is a cafe

Living Food Lab is a casual café and teaching kitchen serving up raw food creations that are as locally grown and organic as possible, vegan and gluten free, and addictively delicious. We have a production kitchen in Ubud and our flagship café is at the stunning Green School, Bali. A second outlet is sprouting in Canggu, optimistically set to soft open end of 2017.

Living Food Lab is catering

Living Food Lab brings gorgeous nutrition to dinner parties, yoga retreats and events large and small..

Living Food Lab is a team

Jokes, good spirit, love of service – these bring our team together, with 3 at the production kitchen, 4 at the Green School and a driver scooting back and forth between the two. At the helm are owners Pauliina and Arttu Salmenhaara, in love since 1998, and in business together since 2016. (P.S. We are growing fast and looking for new team members who just can’t wipe a smile off their face!)

Living Food Lab was founded by food muse Avara Yaron,and the same loving and enthusiastic Balinese team who started off with Avara continues to create the alchemical magic of our food with care and serve it up with delightful smiles.


Living Food Lab is a teaching cafe in Bali, offering fresh, sustainably sourced, organic raw food made with attention from start to finish. Our casual food served in casual settings is so fresh, nutritious and delicious it is practically dancing. We make it easy and tasty to eat healthy, plant based meals and snacks.

Green School

Our flagship location is at the world-renowned Green School, voted the Greenest School on Earth, giving us one of the most exciting and uniquely beautiful venues imaginable. As a parent-dreamt and managed business, we love serving our healthy fare to students, teachers, administrators, staff and visitors under our bamboo shingled roof.

Living Food Lab at the Green School is open from 7:45am-5pm on school days and outside visitors are welcome. Come snack on spicy nori bars, a build-your-own-breakfast bowl or raw, chocolate brownies before the daily Green School tour, a not-to-be-missed opportunity for visitors to Bali. Power up after the tour with a mango wrap or one of our spicy Mexican burgers, served either raw or with a vegan, gluten free burger bun.


Our Philosophy

Conscious Food

Food is love!

At Living Food Lab, our food is conscious food with conscious benefits.
At Living Food Lab our food is nourishment for our bodies as well as our minds and our souls.
At Living Food Lab we know that we literally are what we eat.
At Living Food Lab we want to inspire you to give yourself real nutrition, and we make it easy and affordable to do so! We like to see the sparkle come on in your eyes!
At Living Food Lab we create our food for you with wholesome raw vegan ingredients, as organic as we can get them, with equal attention to nutrients, beauty and flavour.
At Living Food Lab we encourage worldwide health, sharing information and teaching raw food techniques so you can make yourself life giving raw delicacies wherever you are.
At Living Food Lab we walk our eco-talk, helping create a greener world through local, organic, vegetarian, packaging-free cuisine.

Why Raw?

Raw food is a plant based diet inclusive of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  These foods in their natural state offer the highest quality nutrition, being vitamin, mineral and enzyme rich.  The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes which benefit digestion.  Our cells constantly renew themselves out of the food material we put into our bodies, so we literally, physically are the food we eat.  When we alkalize and mineralize our body with clean, organic raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds we assist every bodily action and function.  We give our energy level a boost, our digestion improves, our immune system strengthens and we exude vitality.  Raw foods assist us in maintaining the appropriate weight for our body without deprivation.  Best of all, eating more raw food enhances our overall sense of aliveness and wellbeing.  It just feels good!



Living Food Lab Catering brings our healthy and delicious cuisine to your home, party or gala. We can supply multiple courses from casual finger food to formal, gourmet plated dinners. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert are all our pleasure. Are you wondering if we can cater an entire retreat? The answer is yes! Would you like to know if we can cater monthly, bimonthly, or weekly gathering? Yes indeed, we have done that before and are happy to do it for you as well.

We can also collaborate with caterers supplying those foods outside of our realm of raw food.

Our menus can incorporate flavours from across the globe. Our specialty is interpreting international flavour traditions into the world of raw food.

Contact us to see what a Raw Food Extravaganza could look like for you. We will work with you to make your foodie dreams come true.


Pauliina Salmenhaara

Owner Pauliina Salmenhaara had a major lifestyle shift during her thirties crisis in Shanghai and Singapore. This led her from the world of human rights, fund raising and volunteer work in Finland and China into the world of holistic nutrition, alternative therapies, meditation, raw food and plant-based cuisine. She has raw food chef certifications with Elaina Love (Bali, 2013) and Matthew Kenney, both online (totaling 4 months of study) and 3 months on-site in Thailand (2015), Maine (2016), and New York (2016), and opened a holistic wellness business in Singapore in 2013 called R.A.W. Inside Out, offering alternative therapies, raw food training, plant-based private dining, holistic retreats, and more. Having shared her love for vibrant and joyful living to the Singapore community in her capacity as Chairwoman of Athena Network and founder of R.A.W. Inside Out, she felt the call of Bali pull her to enter the world of food on a deeper level. She has a deep sense of joy in directing the band that is Living Food Lab, and already hears the magnificent music of the orchestra she hopes to see it bloom into one day soon.


Inspiring Thoughts

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame

with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

– Thomas Edison


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Location and Business Hours

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:45AM to – 4:00pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Address: Sibang Kaja, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali 80352, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 469875