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  sm03Avara Yaron, Food Muse
Avara has been in Bali every year since 1997 as the manufacturing hub for fine jewelry, handbags and clothing she designed and sold worldwide.  A lifelong foodie and living food chef since having a food revelation in 2009, she owned and operated a living food catering company in Oregon before relocating to Bali and birthing Living Food Lab.

photo wayanWayan Metri, Jack of All Trades
Ibu Wayan takes the pulse of all our locations and every project all at once while maintaining our books, overseeing ordering and payments, and keeping us organized. Whew! She is essential!


photo ketutKetut Sari, along with Ibu Komang and Ibu Wayan
Ketut is the anchor of our production kitchen, responsible for leading the team in keeping our drinks flowing, our salad bar churning and our dessert fridge full!  Her magic hands have been making living food since 2010. With Komang and Wayan by her side, our kitchen hums with a sense of love, care and fun.